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The follow up single this year, ‘Oceans’, was a laid-back summer soundtrack – just waiting for you to add the cries of gulls and lapping of waves on your favourite beach.Their lastest track, ‘Black Hearted’ adds another, soulful electronic dimension to their sound.You can count the smooth succour of Stine Grøn’s lead vocals among the small number of voices that get under and deep into your pores almost immediately – think Liz Fraser, Kate Bush or Astrid Williamson of the gone (but not forgotten) Goya Dress.

We shared both the utterly compelling and heartfelt R&B of Kwamie Liv, and the angular synth-pop of Aarhus’ Liss. K, both of whom went on to perform dazzling turns at our Ja Ja Ja Club Nights in 2016.Its songs seem almost woven together, with delicate acoustic layers of lightness spliced onto a darker, synthier backdrop.In particular, make sure to check out ‘Fast Travelling’ with its pulsing tribal percussion and hypnotic, tantric vocal that will pull you into another spiritual plane!Shot on the streets of London’s New Cross, it reveals another, altogether alien side to a well-known area and demonstrates Ay Ow A’s uncanny ability to raise tension and set pulses racing.perfectly captures all those contradictory, brave-faced, melty-hearted feelings.

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Despite the underlying melancholy, or maybe because of the easy and honest way they express it, Masasolo are instantly likeable and we’ll certainly be pining for more from this cool Copenhagen quartet next year.

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