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During interrogation, Sammantha and her husband John confessed to locking Ame in the trunk as a form of punishment, because she took a popsicle without permission.

The Bismarck Municipal Ballpark is maintained and operated by Bismarck Parks and Recreation District.

On appeal, his defense team argued that they should consider any reasonable doubt they have that the murder took place outside of the forest before being moved into the forest after death, which would make him ineligible for the death penalty.

Jurijus Kadamovas and Iouri Mikhel are sentenced to death row for ransom related kidnapping and murder of five people.

He is also serving 11 life sentences in conjunction with the same crimes as well as the 1997 murder of Anthony Martinez of Beaumont, California.

The murder took place in Michigan, which does not have the death penalty, but the body was found in Manistee National Forest, which is federal land.

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It was indeed a moment in time for Paige, for Bismarck’s rich baseball history and for several other black players who were barred from the majors.

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