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They slept in twin beds and she never did have sex with him, but was about to when Peter showed up. I like when they bring up his being a dog at random moments.Like the episode where being a dog is like being a second class citizen.A really hot human, a pet of the dogs, came up to Brian and Brian started flirting with her.

Over the course of the show he has dated several human women and in fact had a human son by one.

He once had sex with Carter Pweterschmidt's dog in the middle of a dog race.

He was also briefly married to Lois when Peter was lost at see.

An Indiana man who has a history of sexually abusing animals is asking a federal judge to release him from prison if he goes through with a chemical castration.

The Northwest Indiana Times reports Michael Bessigano, 47, made the request in a court filing this week.

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