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e.g HMV (My old car, wipes away a tear) His Masters Voice I can remember most of the car reg numbers I've ever had, no idea why, just seems that they stick in my head for some strange reason, can anyone else do this?

Collecting car registration numbers now that must have been an extremely boring area if you had to resort to that sort of activity Not as a child no... Used to sing out number plates to a military tune/chant..that'd be throughout most of my 20's...seemed like a good way to pass a few hours on long distance journeys.. I used to use the letters of the numberplates of the cars that passed me to make phrases when I was driving trucks to keep my mind alert on long drives.

Can't speak for other areas but Derry started out as UI 1 - UI 1000, then proceeded to AUI 1 - 1000, and so on. Can't be more exact than that and I'm not sure what happens when we run out of alphabet.

You can't - just as with the mainland system before 2001.

Northern Ireland still uses the registration system adopted by the whole of the UK in 1903, but replaced in the Republic of Ireland in 1983 and in Great Britain in 2001.

Unlike the rest of the UK, date-specific marks were never used in Northern Ireland.

In fact the number plates are the only part of your vehicle that will appreciate in value over time.

A coach can easily last 15 years or more - but you hardly want to reveal to your customers that they are hiring a vehicle that old.

maybe because there were so few cars back then that they were still a novelty! me and my sisters and friends used to go through the ladies section and one of us would name what we had to spot, and when the next page was turned, you had to slap you hand on that image. though was those shoes that were flexible, and the photo showed them bent in half.!

Head Msg12: Yep, know this game well, 100,000 miles a year for many years & used to do anything to avoid the dreading "nodding dog" syndrome!

Car registrations number plate 25 O Broke all UK Number Plates Auction records again achieveing £518,480 at a Number Plates auction recently!

Private sellers have already exchanged personalised number plates for over ONE MILLION!

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You can however estimate the approximate age of a vehicle from knowledge of the order in which marks were issued: x IA, x DZ, x KZ (Antrim), x IB, x LZ (Armagh), x OI, x XI, x AZ, x CZ, x EZ, x FZ (Belfast), x IJ, x BZ, x JZ (Down), x IL, x IG (Fermanagh), x IW, x NZ (Coleraine), x UI (Co Londonderry), and x JI, x HZ (Tyrone).

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