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The Data Store is an ad hoc database which means that it is a collection of tables with unknown relationships.

This allows you to search in one Data Store resource (a in the database) as well as queries across Data Store resources.

The presented study introduces a novel technique for high-speed photography based on the principle of chromatic encoding.

For illumination of the region of interest within the sample medium, the light paths of up to 12 LEDs with various emission wavelengths are overlaid via optical filters.

This requires some processing, to extract the data from your files and to add it to the Data Store in the format the Data Store can handle.In the File Store this file would be stored directly.To access it you would download the file as a whole.Here, MOSFET-electronics provide a LED flash with a duration N. Ripken, "Chromatically encoded high-speed photography of cavitation bubble dynamics inside inhomogeneous ophthalmic tissue," Proc.

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