Does my computer keep updating shut down

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It is inevitable that the drive will be corrupted if you unplug the USB device without first "Safely removing" it.

This causes the voicemail to answer immediately instead of after 4-6 rings (or worse, generating a busy signal).

It will show you the actual delay and speed, not just the "max." The averages can be more important than the max. However, cordless phones operating at 2.4GHz are known to interfere with Wi-Fi wireless B/G networks (IEEE b/g operating at 2.4GHz).

Cordless phones operating at 5.8GHz or higher will not interfere with Wi-Fi.

This is because a flash drive exists on the USB device.

And, the softphone opens that drive every 3 seconds with write access (for unknown reasons).

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The WAN is often called "the internet," "extranet" or "public network." The LAN is often called "the intranet" or "private network."This separation allows multiple computers in the LAN, with their own private IP addresses (usually in the 192.168.x.x range) to share one public IP address (usually assigned by your service provider).

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