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In particular the galaxy note 2 I've been looking at the galaxy note 1 with interest for a while and have gotten over the size and it's now the leading factor witch is swaying me to have the galaxy note 2 as my next phone. Having said that almost all the necessary apps are in the Android ecosystem now.

Ok I've told my story now for my questions there aimed at people who have made transition to android from IOS In the past. I know there are not 700,000 90% of which are downloaded regularly (talking to you Tim Cook) but the number of apps is pretty good.

Android has flexibility (no i Tunes) and customisability, but that can mean that things take longer to get set up / get working nicely than on i OS.

Apple has a lot of control over how the i Phone runs which means things might generally be more stable than Android. Commbank Kaching is a good example; it took ages for them to release an Android version, and when it finally was released it ended up being a cheap nasty i Phone port that ran like crap.

Basically if you're into tweaking things and you like to configure things to work as you like, Android is the way to go.

But if you just want a phone that works and runs apps, and you don't mind using i Tunes, the i Phone 5 might be for you. 0 is a lot of bikkies to throw at a phone especially when you can get tablets for a 1/3 of the price.

Around the house I don't even touch my phone any more unless it's to make a call. I feel apple holds you to ransom is the best way I can put & charges you like a wounded bull. I actually predict that the i Phone 5 is the beginning of Apple's downfall..

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(I ask because on many occasions as an IOS user I can remember thinking that it would suck to be on android because they miss out on this APp/game) My main pros for android ATM particularly the galaxy note II are - The ability to carry a spare battery- Large screen- smart pen althought this may be a gimmick?? I'm not trying to start a fanboy war just want to see what people experiences have been like in the past after making the swap.