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I really wouldn't trust to buy him something he hadn't chosen as his Nan does this to him and his one cousin, a year younger than my son, and they just don't wear what she buys them!!!

just sits in their cupboards until they are thrown out..a waste!

) My friend and I used to play darts years ago in the pub.

About 18 years ago once we'd got passed the original - hit the metal twang, watch it fall on the floor - we got quite competitive about it!

My son has also just had his birthday and that makes it even harder, but this year is going to the PDC darts championships just after Christmas with his Dad, so that is his present, I am doing a voucher off the computer just so he has something to open Christmas Day.....

my son is 14 and I find it very hard to know what clothes to buy him, so I take him round the shops and get him to point things out, try things on and then go and get bits of things he has chosen!

I know as his mum, I should know best what he would like - but I am really stumped this year!

He only had his birthday on Sunday where he had a new phone, 2 xbox games and a couple of DVDs that he really wanted.

Same here DS had his bday on 20th Nov, and he has had a clothes shopping trip with my mum and vouchers. Put it in a Merry Xmas Doctor Who card - maybe have a look and see if there are any darts cards to put it in?

He has just turned 14 and looking at some of his friends fb pages he is quite a young 14....

Trainers is a good idea as he def needs some new ones.

Ebay are very good for things like that Think there have been some really good suggestions - I needed ideas for a 13 year old so thank you!

I'm trying to get my son to do things other than games/computer type stuff so had thought of these things: a kindle, small camcorder and a dartboard (I quite like the idea of playing darts - not done it before!

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