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My husband Terry has always had a fantasy about me being fucked by a black man, especially in the back of a van for some reason.He went on and on at me for ages to live out his fantasy, and I must admit, the thought of it had my juices flowing, so I decided to go along with it.Just knowing he was so close and able to see me getting fucked brought me off, and my pussy slammed up against Andy's cock as he continued fucking me.My pussy was stretched around his cock, and I was sliding backwards and forwards with the force of the deep fucking I was getting.Andy gasped and panted as he began to come, and I felt his spunk shooting into my pussy.I wrapped my legs around him and held him there as he rocked, and unloaded the last of his spunk into me.Terry sat in the back, on a mattress he had put there, while Andy and I were kissing in the front.He was soon hard at work on my tits, sucking and nibbling on my nipples, while Terry sat staring at us.

The whole time I was being fucked, Terry was furiously wanking his cock, and he had left a substantial amount of come on the mattress.

Within seconds I was on my back, my legs up over Andy's shoulders, and his huge cock in my hand.

It was so fat I couldn't even get my fingers completely around it.

He was a lot longer and thicker than Terry, and suddenly I realised that I had been missing something.

Andy told me to get in the back, and I quickly clambered over the seats.

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