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The records of the Montana State Prison are divided into five series.

In 1913 the governor was given the power to appoint the warden, and the Board was given jurisdiction over persons receiving suspended sentences.

In 1955 the Board membership was changed to three members appointed by the governor to terms of six years. Barry, James Barry, Jerry Barry, Michael Barry, William Barry, William C. Beckman, Thomas Beckwith, Jerry Bedard, Omer Beebout, William Beech, Charles Beecham, Harry Beeler, Howard Beeson, Daniel Beeton, Bernard Beghtol, Frederick Behkla, Kee Bejay, Elmer Bekola, Charles Belcher, Levi Belcourt, Ed Belgard, Frank Belgard, Tom Belgard, Victor Belgard, Corbett Belgarde, Harold Belgarde, James Belgarde Prisoner description cards: John Belgarde, Mae Belgarde, Steven Belgarde, Victor Belgarde, William Belgarde, Pat Belgrade, Rayley Belich, Tony Belish, Paul Beliveau, Albert Belim, Lee Belknap, Bert Bell, Charles Bell, George Bell, Glenn Bell, Henry Bell, James Bell, Jon Bell, Kip Bell, Wilfred Bell, Emmerson Bellamy, Virgil Belleau, Joseph Belliz, Pete Bellonzja (Marion Wollums), Leon Bellows, Thomas Belt, Martin Belter, Enrique Beltran, Santos Beltran, Robert Melton Belyea, Tony Bender, Jacob Bengart, Robert Benge, Harry Benham, Mack Benham Prisoner description cards: Theo Benike, Rose Benjami, Frank Benka, Charles Bennett, Edward Bennett, Emil Bennett, George Bennett, Ivan Bennett, Jack Bennett, James Bennett, Jim Bennett, Reule Bennett, Thomas Bennett, T. Bennett, Vaughn Bennett, Jack Benninghoven, Frank Bennon, James Benoit, James Benson, Ed Benny, W. Benny, William Benston, Allen Benton, Thomas Benton, John Benz, Louis Bercie, Alex Bercier, Simeon Bercier, Adam Berck, Albert Berg, Andrew Berg, Bennie Berg, George Berg, Julius Berg, Pete Berg, Robert Berg, William Berg, Walter Berg, Andrew Berger (Anthony Newberger), Byron Berger, Charles Berger (William Stevens), Felix Berger, Joe Berger, Loren Berger, Pat Berger Prisoner description cards: Harold Bergerud, Bert Berglund, Henry Bergman, William Bergman, Frank Bergmoser, F.

The appointees were given the responsibility of administering the executive clemency, probation, and parole system. Barry, Jack Barth, John Bartholomeu, Martin (William) Bartinoscke, Cal Bartlett, Charles Bartlett [2 different ones], George Bartley, Willie Bartley, Charles Barton, Frank Barton, W. Barton, Champion Bartron, Lloyd Woodrow Bartu, Robert Bartz, John Bartzen [Bartsen?

The outgoing correspondence (1909-1921) of Conley and Mc Tague pertains to inmates (paroles, pardons, behavior, time served, restoration to citizenship, escapes, work camps, sale of goods produced by prisoners, etc.), supplies, prison employment, penology, personal business of Conley and Mc Tague, etc.

The financial records (1893-1963) include cash books, general ledgers, journals, prisoner accounts with Deer Lodge and prison stores, voucher registers, etc. Barnett, Fred Barnhard, Joe Barnhard, Charles Barnhart, Calvert Barnhisel, Roy Barnes, Kenneth Barnum Prisoner description cards: Matt Baron, Charles Barr, James Barr, Powell Barr, Robert Barr, W.

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Additionally, few industries had been developed within the prison, leaving many inmates idle.

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