Online uk web dating chatrooms

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Online uk web dating chatrooms

Newland created a fictional Facebook profile, pretending to be a half-Filipino half-Latino man called Kye Fortune, using an American man's photographs and videos.

Creating a Facebook profile under the name was easy, but to give 'him' credibility there had to be pictures.

This was accomplished once Newland came across a basketball-loving youth in New York who fitted how she imagined Kye.

'I can only hope I can move on fully and not do the time with her.' The complainant agreed to demands for her to wear a blindfold at all times during up to 15 sexual encounters and while watching television, going on a car journey and even sunbathing.

Newland then uses her false Facebook profile of Kye Fortune to befriend the victim and they exchange phone numbers.

Newland mimics a male voice while speaking on the phone to her.

Judge Stockdale told Newland: 'You went to extraordinary lengths to manipulate (the complainant) and control her.

Only when your control was absolute did you put your deceit to the ultimate test and allow a meeting to take place between her and the fictional Kye Fortune.'Such was the desire for one-to-one contact with him that you had engendered she was willing to go to any lengths to meet him.

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July 2017: Newland is jailed for six years and six months after judge takes into account 'significant mitigating factors' of her Asperger's diagnosis and 'difficult upbringing', but said she showed 'no remorse' to victim.