Pensacola singles speed dating

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Pensacola singles speed dating

'By relieving stress, your immune system is given a boost and so you look younger,' says Dr Perricone.

'Positive changes are activated in the areas of the brain related to cognitive skills and emotional well-being.' Yet there is some controversy.

Dr Alan Hirsch, founder and neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, says that Ageless Fantasy may be based on his studies.

'We looked at functional effects of perfume and concluded that pink grapefruit gave the impression of youth,' explains Hirsch.

In this scent, pheromones are combined with neuropeptides which deliver them to the brain.

Dab it on your upper lip, say its manufacturers, and it is claimed your memory will sharpen, your self-confidence rise and your mood improve.

His pending patents include a perfume made from eucalyptus, camphor and menthol that supposedly increases empathy.

It sounds like the stuff of fantasy, but Roja Dove, the world's foremost fragrance authority and author of new book The Essence Of Perfume, believes companies are simply cashing in on what perfumers have known for years - that scent operates in a way that bypasses the rational mind.Those men who found the smell pleasant perceived the woman to be 12lb less than her actual weight. 'The thought of asking any man to assess my weight fills me with dread, but I started with my husband. I went to my sister-in-law's house for tea and the first thing she asked is whether I'd lost weight.' : The only pheromone produced exclusively for women, Aeolus 5 is formulated to give off youthful, exuberant odours that men simply can't resist.Contains androstenol and fruity odours called copulins, which subconsciously indicate the woman is very fertile at that time. 'Within half an hour my colleague Oliver said how good I looked.Women were sprayed with different perfumes and men tried to estimate the women's weight.When the woman wore a floral and spice odour, it reduced the perception of her weight by an average of 4lb. He barely glanced in my direction as he nodded weary agreement.

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The rational part of the brain responds to this as a flower, but the emotional part, the cerebellum, detects the indole and says "sex".

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