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At the same time, moderators will work to "call in" viewers who may not know or understand how to use inclusive language when talking about different identities.

Think, for example, of someone who is supportive of transgender rights, but uses outdated or offensive terms to describe gender identity.

She loathes the narrative that the "most [women] can ever hope for is not to be assaulted." While Barrica wants to be for anyone who feels out of touch with any aspect of their sexuality, she's particularly hopeful that women, LGBTQ people, and people of color will find refuge in the platform, which is moderated by humans — not an algorithm.

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The idea for sprung directly from Barrica's personal experiences.Imagine a sex ed class that taught you not only basic anatomy and disease prevention, but also encouraged you to reclaim sexual pleasure after a traumatic experience, helped you unlearn the shame associated with growing up in a religious or homophobic household, and non-judgmentally listened to your curiosities.Now imagine that class taught by a sex ed professional who's bringing such wisdom straight to your laptop or smartphone via livestream."We have absolutely no tolerance for abuse, but we also want to be tolerant of people who haven't had this education," she says."It's part of our job to share that language in an accessible way." Barrica is frank about other challenges she'll face in growing

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