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I'm aware that there are cis-trans couples where one or both partners identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or pansexual — that just isn't us.

It never has been, and it's always been important to us both to be out and open. But being the partner of someone who is part of a minority community that, at best, is enjoying some supposedly newfound "fascination" focus in the media has its own set of challenges.

But I know partners of trans men who identify as lesbians, cis girls partnered with trans men who identify as straight, and, well, just about every other pairing under the sun.

I am the first to climb atop my soapbox when I believe someone has slighted my spouse.

I speak out — loudly — when I think that someone is disparaging him, using his old name, making a transphobic joke, or just generally prying where it's none of their business.

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