Wealthy herpes dating

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The troubled celebutante, sort of actress, sort of singer was formerlly a professional heiress was but written out of the will for her crazy antics.That cost her more than fifty million dollars and at least two spots on this list.

Her disease was apparently given to her by Derek Jeter.The poster couple for nouveau riche jet sets around the world buying up orchards and reportedly Victoria aka "Poche Spice" sports a seven million dollar ring.Victoria probably picked up the Herp from one of her husband’s thousand plus groupie count.After all, if these dudes a) took off their Yuengling goggles they might not call us “girls,” and b) were pelted with our full stories of lingering divorce proceedings and preschoolers tucked into bed at their fathers’ apartments for overnight visits, gone would be our free beverages and lingering (albeit out-of-focus) glances. Suffice it to say that his studio apartment was near the bar.After all, had she taken him home, he may have tripped on the Lightening Mc Queen collection populating the apartment and noted the California Baby wash in the bathroom.

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Her numbers would be higher, but her looks are on the downhill slope and she can’t rely on her acting skills to pay her phone bill.

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