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I vowed that I would only continue with the relationship as long as I knew that if God asked me to walk away, I would.

But now that I was faced with that possibility, and though I wasn‘t sure God was asking that of me, I realized I was just this side of bitter at even the thought of it. So I called my boyfriend, who was out of town at the time, and I told him that we had to end the relationship.

So I decided that I should at least disclose things to them, even if I did not ask for their counsel.

My pastor quickly, yet gently, advised me to break up with my boyfriend.

He told me that he‘d decided to become a Christian. He explained the reasons for his conversion (none of which had anything to do with having a future with me), and he said that he was certain—no looking back. Neither could he, apparently, because he blasted his “apologetic” on his blog.

” Was there more blessing and peace in trusting that if I ended the relationship in an attempt to truly follow God‘s best plan and fully trust Him with my future, He would work things out for my good?

Another issue that started to run laps around my mind was a promise I made to myself at the beginning of the relationship.

But this time we had a mutual understanding that our relationship was temporary: I could never marry a non-Christian, and he wasn‘t on the marriage track at all. He would threaten to leave; I would threaten not to care.

As our relationship moved into darkness, so did our interactions with each other. Eventually, the relationship became “unofficial.” I denied being his girlfriend to even our atheist friends, and he and I both assumed that short of a miracle, we would eventually separate.

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My fiancé proposed with a 3 karat solitaire diamond ring set in (you guessed it) platinum. In short, God blessed me despite my foolishness, not because of it. I‘m the type of girl who has been thinking about her wedding for as long as she can remember.

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