Who is bryan dattilo dating

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Who is bryan dattilo dating

He proposed to Sami twice before she said yes at the Penthouse Grill.They didn't make it to the altar, because the night before she was to marry Lucas, Kate drugged Sami and put her in bed with Brandon Walker and showed Lucas that Sami would always hurt him.Franco Kelly tried to kill Kate before his marriage to Sami, and Lucas killed Franco to defend his mother.Kate planted the gun on Sami and framed her and Lucas was forced to go along with it or face life without Will.Will had to have brain surgery but the surgery went well.Kate paid Nicole Walker five million dollars to marry Lucas so he could gain custody of Will.

Tony Di Mera was holding them hostage.) Lucas was always there to comfort Sami.

It would be years before Lucas would know the truth.

Lucas' sister Billie Reed was on trial for the murder of Curtis Reed (she didn't do it) and it was at that point that Kate found out that Billie and Austin were her children and Lucas wound up hating his new siblings.

They got together slowly and went on a ski trip, where the roof of a cabin caved in on Lucas.

Sami couldn't get the logs off of Lucas' leg so she flagged down a car that just happened to be EJ making a quick get away after shooting John Black.

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They got an annulment and he moved in with Sami in order to be closer to Will.

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