Who is eartha kitt dating use of radioactive isotopes in carbon dating

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At that time, being a light-skinned black person in the black South was 'just as bad' as black person in the white South.

Kitt was not accepted by the black community and was referred to as a 'yellow gal' (For Eartha, born in 1927 in 'a ramshackle arrangement of backwoods shacks' in the South Carolina cotton fields, being born black or of mixed race was like being a Jew in Nazi Germany. Eartha, indeed, had not thought of herself as 'coloured' until she was made to enter restaurants by the back door.

The daughter of a recently bereaved white doctor and his maid, little Eartha Mae was cast off by a mother she believed to have been murdered, and raised by an abusive aunt.

There are lurid stories of her being stripped and whipped.

She believes that this failure to find out her mother's origins explains her tortured relationship with the South and her own identity.

“Everyone knows about James Dean’s bisexuality,” I hear you say, “but Paul Newman was born faithful to Joanne Woodward.” Okay, well, Dean was dead three years before Newman married her, so don’t worry so much about it.

Watch this honestly, and with an open mind: Can you say – truthfully, now – that there was nothing there?

The public loved her man-eating stage act, she said, but only her daughter had ever truly loved the woman beneath it. Her glamorous act affected ennui for the jewels, champagne and art dropped at her feet by the world’s richest white men, at a time when most black Americans were struggling for basic human rights, and it was still illegal for a black person to have sex with a white one in 28 out of 50 American states.

Williams goes back to the swampland of Kitt’s home town, where childhood friends confirm her account that she “came up tight”.

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Even in the Sixties she had difficulty buying property in Hollywood, because Bel Air and Beverly Hills were neighbourhoods that 'didn’t welcome African-American home-owners.'Eartha’s parentage was uncertain. Possibly one of the Keitt family, 'the former slave owners,' or, far more likely, a recently bereaved local doctor called Daniel Sturkie.