Who is sam earle dating

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Who is sam earle dating

I remember when the new kids in the season nine cast got there, we were asked to make sure they got around alright and to make sure they were comfortable and welcome.When we have our hang outs and birthday parties and events, we all hang out and get to mingle and really get to know each other.Melinda and Sam let J-14 in on a few secrets and their fave story lines, plus Melinda told us all about the crazy trauma she had to deal with at her real life school!J-14: Can you let J-14 in on a few secrets from Degrassi's new season?Melinda Shankar: Alli wears a lot more clothes at home then when she goes out -- she goes to the bus shuttle or bathroom every morning and takes them off.She has mini skirts, tank tops, and high heels -- I don't even know how she brings them all -- I'm impressed by this girl!So believe it or not, you see even less clothes on Alli this season.

He worked in Congress during the Presidency of George Washington.But this season he starts to loose control and slip, so we'll see if there's someone that can help him out with that or if he just realizes there are very few people he can depend on.J-14: What are your favorite episodes in season nine? has this really intense, disturbing storyline coming up. He has a father figure and it's going to backfire on him. Sam: Sometimes I'll record the episode, wait a day or two, read what people are saying about it, and then go watch it.She's not allowed to show her arms -- I don't know if she's allowed to have a boyfriend in grade nine, let alone someone whose not of the same cultural background. is such a mysterious guy -- he's always hinting about his past and kind of repressing all these secrets.There's the whole Sav [Alli's brother] and Anya thing where Sav and Alli's parents like Anya as a person, but in the end they know he won't marry her because he's not of the same background. I would really love to see where he's coming from and get in to that background, maybe meet one of his parents.

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So if they know that their younger daughter is seeing someone, I think that could get really messy. J-14: How do you guys bond with new cast members coming in frequently?

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